The BMW 5 Series E12 1972-1981




BMW 5 Series (E12)

The BMW E12 BMW 5-Series was made between 1972 and 1981. The E12 was the first series to bear the 5 Series name: the '5' denoting BMW's fifth 'New Class' platform. Designed as a replacement for the popular BMW New Class mid-size sedan, the E12 5-Series models were smaller than the large BMW E3 sedan but larger than the two-door 2002 models. The E12 was replaced by the BMW E28 5 Series in 1981, although production continued until 1984 in South Africa.

Oxidized Aluminum Kit

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Styling and features


The 1970 BMW 2200ti Garmisch show car designed by the Bertone Design Centre led by Marcello Gandini set the style for the E12 5-series. Designed to compete with the Mercedes-Benz W114 sedans, the E12 models were fitted with a variety of engines. 1.8 L and 2.0 L M10 I4 engines from the older Neue Klasse sedans were used in the 518 and 520, respectively. A six-cylinder version of the 520, built with a 2.0 L M20 belt-driven engine was also available from 1977 on (to coincide with the minor restyling). The 525i, 528i, 530i, and M535i, were fitted with M30 six-cylinder engines as used on the large E3 sedans and E9 coupes. With the exception of the 520i, four-cylinder and 2.0 L six-cylinder engines were fitted with Solex carburetors (although in the UK the four-cylinder 520 was fitted with twin Stromberg 175CDET carburettors). The 520i used the mechanical fuel injection system (Kugelfischer) from the BMW 2000tii and BMW 2002tii. Six-cylinder versions were available with dual Zenith two-barrel carburetors or Bosch L-jetronic fuel injection. Fuel-injected models contain the i letter at the end of their model badge. Although BMW had always located turn signal stalks on the right hand side of its steering wheels, the E12 was their first model to have the stalk on the left side.

Manufacturer  BMW

Production  1972–1981

699,094 built[1]

Assembly  Dingolfing, West Germany

Rosslyn, South Africa

Toluca, Mexico[2][3]

Chennai, India[4]

Cairo, Egypt

Shenyang, China

Jakarta, Indonesia

Kaliningrad, Russian SFSR

6th of October City, Egypt

Manaus, Brazil

Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia[5]

Predecessor  BMW New Class

Successor  BMW E28

Class  Mid-size luxury / Executive car

Layout  FR layout

Engine  1.8 L M118 I4

1.8 L M42 I4

1.8 L M10B18 I4

2.0 L M17 I4, 115 hp (86 kW)

2.0 L M64 fuel-injected I4, 125 hp (93 kW)

2.0 L I6

2.5 L I6

2.8 L I6

3.0 L I6, 176 hp (131 kW)

3.5 L I6, 218 hp (163 kW)

3.0 L I6, 176 hp (131 kW)

2.8 L I6, 169 hp (126 kW)

Transmission  4-speed manual

5-speed manual

Wheelbase  104 in (2,600 mm)

Length  182 in (4,600 mm)

Width  66.5 in (1,690 mm)

Height  56.125 in (1,425.6 mm)

Designer(s)  Marcello Gandini



Anodize Stripping Kit

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Rubber Rebuilder Kit

This kit was designed for older cars which have oxidized and pitted rubber trim pieces. These trim pieces are expensive new, and used ones usually look the same as what you have. Multiple coats of the  water based coating  are applied then sanded, filling all pitts.  A final coat is then applied leaving a satin finish. The coating remains flexible for an indefinite period of time. Kit contains: coating, cleaner, sandpaper, brushes, and instructional DVD.


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