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All models are fitted as standard with all-wheel drive xDrive.

 xDrive20i  xDrive28i  xDrive35i  xDrive20d  xDrive30d  xDrive35d

Built  since 09/2011  since 11/2010  since 03/2011  since 09/2011

Engine  Petrol  Diesel

Engine layout  TwinPower Turbo Twin Scroll I4

with turbocharger,

direct injection and Valvetronic  I6

Direct injection

and lean burn  TwinPower Turbo I6 with turbocharger,

direct injection and Valvetronic  I4

Turbo with variable turbine geometry

and common-rail direct injection  I6

Turbo with variable turbine geometry

and common-rail direct injection  I6

Variable Twin Turbo

and common-rail direct injection

Motor type  N20B20  N53B30  N55B30  N47D20  N57D30

Volume  1,997 cc  2,996 cc  2,979 cc  1,995 cc  2,993 cc

Output  135 kW (184 PS; 181 hp) /5000  190 kW (258 PS; 255 hp) /6600  225 kW (306 PS; 302 hp) /5800  135 kW (184 PS; 181 hp) /4000  190 kW (258 PS; 255 hp) /4000  230 kW (313 PS; 308 hp) /4400

Torque  270 N·m (200 lb·ft) @

1250–4500/min  310 N·m (230 lb·ft) @

2600–3000/min  400 N·m (300 lb·ft) @

1200–5000/min  380 N·m (280 lb·ft) @

1750–2750/min  560 N·m (410 lb·ft) @

2000–2750/min  630 N·m (460 lb·ft) @


Gearbox, standard  6-speed manual gearbox  8-speed automatic  6-speed manual gearbox  8-speed automatic

Gearbox, optional  8-speed automatic  –  8-speed automatic  –

Driveline, standard  All Wheel Drive


0–100 km/h in s  8,3  6,9  5,7  8,5  6,2  5,8

Max Speed  210 km/h (130 mph)  230 km/h (143 mph)  245 km/h (152 mph)  210 km/h (130 mph)  230 km/h (143 mph)  244 km/h (152 mph)

Fuel consumption


(According to EEC Directive combined in l/100 km)

 7,9  9,0  8,8  5,6  6,0  6,1


with standard gearbox,

combined in g/km  184  210  204  149  159  162

Emission standard for


EU Classification

 Euro 5


The BMW F25 is the 2nd generation model of the BMW Sports Activity Series X3, on sale since 2010. The 2011 X3 was unveiled on July 14, 2010. The new car is larger than its E83 predecessor and is assembled in BMW's Spartanburg Plant, in Greer, South Carolina in a new manufacturing facility alongside the existing X5 and X6 assembly hall.


Power for the North American version of the X3 comes from BMWs' N52 3.0L Direct Injection I6 engine for the xDrive28i shared with the new F10 528i and BMWs' new N55 3.0L TwinPower Turbo (single turbo twin scroll) Direct Injection I6 engine for the xDrive35i as seen in its larger facelifted X5 sibling.


(For the 28i the I6 N52 engine is to be replaced with the four-cylinder, TwinPower Turbo N20 engine all across the BMW lineup for the 2012 and 2013 model year; implementation date in the X3 is to be confirmed.)


Both engines are mated to either a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission. The U.S. market gets the 3.0 inline-6 and automatic transmission combination; no four-cylinder diesel engine version will be sold. Outside the USA & Canada, the X3 is offered with three diesel engines: the 20d (2.0-liter I4 diesel), the 30d (3.0-liter I6 diesel), and BMW's new 35d (3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo I6 diesel). In some European countries, the 35i and 28i petrol engines are not offered on the F25.


Recently, the F25 has been offered with an optional M-sport package, which offers the same features as the Sports Activity Package but with BMW M signatures, such as the steering wheel emblem and the anthracite black interior headliner as well as an M styled body kit with painted bumpers.


The X3 F25 has received high critical acclaim for its class-leading performance and efficiency with BMW's award-winning N55 engine and its second place standing on Ward's 2011 Best New Interiors, bested only by Audi's flagship A8. On November 1, 2011, the construction of the BMW X3 in its second generation was shown in the 5th season opener of Ultimate Factories.

BMW X3 (F25)

Manufacturer  BMW

Production  2010–present

Model years  2011–present

Assembly  Greer, South Carolina, United States (BMW US Mfg. Comp.)

Chennai, India (BMW India)

Class  Compact crossover SUV

Body style  4-door SUV

Layout  Front engine, four-wheel drive



3.0L I6 (240 HP) 3.0L Twin Turbo I6 (300 HP)

2.0L Diesel I4 (184 HP)

Transmission  6-speed manual

8-speed automatic

Wheelbase  2,810 mm (110.6 in)

Length  4,652 mm (183.1 in)

Width  1,884 mm (74.2 in)

Height  1,713 mm (67.4 in)

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